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ODIS is a Web-Comic by the artist SaraMD

Double Update: Chapters 4 & 5 Now available to read! (English version is coming soon)

الفصلين 4 و 5 الان متوفرين عبر الموقع

 قراءة المانجا هنال

FanArt page is live - صفحة ابداعات القراء 

the fanart page is live! 

submit any ODIS fanart you have via the email to see it posted there ^^
[email protected] 

لعرض رسوماتكم في صفحة ابداعات القراء الرجاء ارسالها على الايميل
[email protected]

Double Update: Chapters 2 & 3 Now available to read!

Chapters 2 & 3 now online!!

Read them here!

الفصلين 2 و 3 الآن متوفرين على  الموقع

رابط قراءة المانجا هنا

Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) experience 2014 & Blog opening!

Greetings everyone! 

it was a great pleasure to exhibit in Middle east film and comic con that was held in Dubai on 3-5 April this year was really awesome! I got to meet so many great artists and art appreciators!

It was a great success for ODIS, my 2nd artbook and all other merchandise alhamdulilah ^^

Thank you so much for your support :D 

I have decided upon many suggestions to start a small blog here with various topics related to ODIS, art and activities held throughout the year!

Get a chance to have your ODIS FanArt included in the printed version of the upcoming first volume!

!احصلوا على فرصة لنشر رسماتكم لشخصيات أوديس في النسخ المطبوعة من المجلد الأول

For more details click here!

 للمزيد من التفاصيل اضغطوا هنا

Chapter 1: Welcome to Haven is now available!

Click Here to read the first 2 chapters!

لقراءة الفصلين الأول والثاني

Chapter 0 (Teaser): The Incounter:

 Arabic Version

 English Version

Chapter 1: Welcome to Haven

Arabic Version  

English Version

ODIS Launch At Middle East Film and Comic Con 2013 

The launch of Odis Manga at MEFCC 2012 was successful! Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm, it was a fantastic experience!

أطلاق أوديس في ملتقى الشرق االأوسط للأفلام والقصص المصورة في دبي كان ناجحا ولله الحمد! شكرا لحماسكم ودعمكم دوما